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"An old photograph or stories you heard from your grandmother as a child - these things can be like branches from your family tree, that reach you from across the sea, memories of your Swedish heritage. Are you here to find your roots, your Swedish ancestors, and unravel the stories of who they were, of who you are?"

What we can do for you

We can help you find your Swedish roots, so that you get clarity about where you come from and who your Swedish relatives were. Maybe we can find your living relatives as well, and help you get in touch with them. 

Have you always wanted to visit Sweden and experience the country of your ancestors? We organize customized trips to the places where your family lived as well as other places in Sweden that can be of interest, all according to your wishes. 

Translate old documents

Do you have old letters or documents in Swedish that you would like to be able to read? We can translate them for you!

From our blog:

What people say:


It was such fun having you as our guide. I hope that I return to Sweden and if I do I will definitely email you so you can be our guide again.
Thank  you for making our trip such a wonderful adventure!
You’re a delight!

— Elizabeth, Iowa, USA

A guided tour from Stockholm, through Östergötland and into Småland, meeting relatives and trying out bridal crowns and playing the organ in a 900 year old church and getting invited by generous strangers who lived in houses where Elizabeth's ancestors had lived 200 years earlier.


You did a really great job. Thanks!

— Anne, Texas, USA


Assignment to find Anne's great grand father and the generations before him. We found farmers, tailors and even life grenadiers who fought with the Swedish king in the Pomeranian war in early 19th century.

Thank you so much for all your time and efforts.

You really are the best! 

— Julie, Iowa, USA

A five generation research on her Swedish family and a tour from Stockholm on the east coast to Gothenburg on the west coast, with stops in Östergötland, Småland and Skåne, with boat tour, and visits to sculpture park, castles and churches.

After years of looking for my Paternal great-great grandmother, Monica managed to find her family in Sweden - she solved a life-long puzzle. Big kudos and recommendations here!

Phil C. in the Midwest

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