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About Us

We are three people working with Swedish Family Tree: Monica and her husband David, and Monica's father Sune. We have our roots in three different countries, Sweden, Finland and England.

We are passionate about history, people, Sweden and its traditions, and of course the meticulous detective work involved in genealogy! 


It is such a thrill to uncover the history of a family, find a missing link, solve mysteries and fitting everything together into a family tree with roots deep in the Swedish earth and branches that stretch all the way across the Atlantic. It is so rewarding to find the stories of the generations that came before us; their struggles and successes, their adventures, joys and setbacks. Before our eyes in the old handwritten church books these persons from the past almost come to life again to tell us their story. They are not forgotten!


There is a wealth of information in the Swedish archives, and Monica and her father have years of experience in researching within these sources. David is a sculptor and illustrator, and takes care of the graphic design when it comes to making beautiful family trees. Monica is also a professional tour guide and driver, and if you wish she can show you the places where your ancestors lived, got married and were buried, as well as other sites of interest that you would like to visit in Sweden. There is a lot to see and do, and we will help you to customize your trip to make the most out of it! 

Our Mission

"Our mission is to help you connect with your Swedish ancestors and the common history you share. To unravel your family's stories, and maybe bring some more clarity to where you come from and maybe even who you are."

The Team

A photo of Monica Wadsworth
A photo of Sune Forslund
A photo of David Wadsworth in a viking costume
Monica Wadsworth

Born and raised in Hälsingland, Monica has traveled a lot, both in Sweden and abroad. She is a writer, a guide, a storyteller and more than average curious. She loves to show people the beauty of Sweden, and share stories about Swedish people and their traditions. 

Monica and David live in Stockholm, have four children and three basset hounds.

Sune Forslund

Monica's father, an engineer by profession but with a passion for carpentry and genealogy. (Have you seen Swedish "snickarglädje", or "carpenter's joy"? The white details on the cottage behind him. Sune is an expert!) 

He is retired now, and can spend even more time on his favorite things. (Did we mention that he also likes cycling?) 

David Wadsworth

A sculptor and illustrator, born in England but a full-blown Swede by now (well, maybe his consumption of tea and interest in English football is above Swedish average). David is also known as the Basset Lord, as he is always out walking the family's three basset hounds, who adore him. His kids like him too.

The long story

"The idea behind Swedish Family Tree came to me when I was driving and guiding two American ladies, a woman my own age and her mother, through Sweden. One of the first things the mother told me, as we set out on our four-day Swedish adventure, was that her grandfather was born in Sweden. They told me the name of the place where he was born, but I could not recognize it. Later they showed it to me in writing, and that evening, in my hotel room, I started looking for their ancestors.


We drove across Sweden, and I did more genealogy research in the evenings. When I showed them the information I had found, they got really excited to learn about their Swedish ancestry. Unfortunately, we had already the first day passed by the birth places of both the grandfather and grandmother, and we couldn't go back, due to the travel itinerary. This was of course a disappointment, but nothing we could do anything about.


It wasn't until I saw the hand-written note that the mother tied to the Yoko Ono installation - the Wishing Tree - at Wanås sculpture park in Southern Sweden, which we were visiting the following day, that I realized how much finding her Swedish ancestors and relatives meant to her. The idea with the installation is that visitors can write a wish on a note and tie it with a string to a branch of the trees that Yoko Ono had planted. (See picture on the right)


The mother wrote: "I wish I had met my Swedish relatives!" 


Something in me stirred and my wish became to avoid this kind of disappointment, and an idea started to take form, and you are now looking at the result: A genealogy research service as well as a customized Sweden-tour guide service."

- Monica                        


The Wishing Tree - an installation by Yoko Ono at Wanås Sculpture Park in Sweden
The Wishing Tree - an installation by Yoko Ono at Wanås Sculpture Park in Sweden
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