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Your Swedish family tree:

2nd generation (7 persons) = US$ 100

3rd generation (15 persons) = US$ 300

4th generation (31 persons) = US$ 650 

5th generation (63 persons) = US$ 1050

(For any person that cannot be found there will be a discount from the price)


Included: Family tree with dates and places of birth and death, as well as links and/or photos of the records found. 

For an example of a Family Tree of 4 generations click here

The In-depth package: 

If you would like to know more about your family's history than just name, place and date, we also write reports with more in-depth information and details, so that you can get to know them better: siblings, line of work, places where they lived, life events like marriages and baptisms, godparents, cause of death, estate inventories at death, movement within Sweden, passenger records for crossing to America etc. Any interesting facts that we can find about your ancestors. It also includes information about the area of Sweden where they lived, as well as some historical context for Sweden at the time. 

This way you get to know your ancestors better but you can also learn so much about yourself. Because we all are the result of choices made by our forefathers and mothers. 

There is an additional rate for the In-depth package:

2nd generation: US$ 200 (total would be 100 + 200 = 300 US$)

3rd generation: US$ 200 (total would be 300 + 200 = 500 US$)

4th generation: US$ 300 (total would be 650 + 300 = 950 US$)

5th generation: US$ 300 (total would be 1050 + 300 = 1350 US$)

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Translation of documents:

We can translate letters or documents in Swedish for 45 US$/hour.

Finding Swedish relatives

For many one of the main reason to search for their Swedish roots is to connect with family members in Sweden. We would love to help you with his. 

Cost: 45 US$/hour.

Price overview (without in-depth package):
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