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When we receive your initial inquiry, the first hour of research is free. We will contact you and share the results. At that point we will know if there is sufficient information about your Swedish relatives available in the records. You can then decide if and how you would like to take this further, how many generations back you would like to go and how much you would like to know about your ancestors. You can see the price list here.
Sometimes church books got lost in a fire, or disappeared, so there is no guarantee that we can find your ancestors. But most of the time there's a treasure of information.

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What we need from you:
  • Name of the person you want us to research

  • Any date and place of e.g birth, marriage, death or emigration

  • Information you might have about relatives: children, parents, siblings etc

  • Any occupation you might know of, or places of residence, in Sweden or in North America.

The more information you are able to share with us, the better. Even small details can help us find your Swedish Family.

Please replace [at] with @ to send email directly
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