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Visit Sweden

Your personalized guided tour to Sweden

It can be a life-long dream to visit Sweden, the land of the ancestors. Many Americans come to Sweden every year, in search for their roots, eager to find out more about the beloved country of their elders, and maybe meet living relatives. 


We can customize your visit in every detail, to ensure you have the experience of a life-time. With the genealogy research in place as a first step, we can organize your trip so that you can visit the places where your family was born and lived, walk the streets or the country roads they walked and visit the church where they married. 

We work with a carefully selected network of partners to take care of every detail of your visit to Sweden. With a private guide and a comfortable vehicle we visit the places where you have your roots, as well as any other of the beautiful and/or interesting places you would like to see while in Sweden.


You decide how many days you would like to spend here, what you would like to see and do, and we will come with a suggested itinerary. Depending on the places you'd like to visit, train or domestic flights might sometimes be advisable. But all the details will be agreed upon together. We ask you to please allow plenty of time between inquiry/booking and your visit, 3-4 months preferably.

Contact us for more information about visiting Sweden by filling out the form below. (If you would like to start by making an inquiry about researching your genealogy, please use this form instead)

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