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We can help you find your Swedish ancestors

Where would you like to start?


Have you already done some research yourself, and would like some help to continue?


Is all you have a name, a date, and a birthplace? We usually don't need more than that to find your Swedish ancestors and build your family tree.


There is a lot of information available in the Swedish parish books and house examination records. We can help you form a better picture of who your ancestors were. Maybe you would be interested to know where your great-grandmother came from, where your great-grandfather worked and where the two got married? Perhaps you would like to know more about life in Sweden back then, to try and understand why your Swedish relatives made the decision over a hundred years ago, to break up from everything they knew and move to America, in search of a better life. 

If you would like to know if you have living relatives in Sweden we can help you find them.

Page from Tjällmo church archives, Birth of Maja Lisa Månsdotter

We can translate letters and documents for you. Cost: $45/hour.


How we can help you:

If you have a name, date and place of birth of a Swedish ancestor born after 1850 chances are very good that we can find him or her. There are cases where it gets more difficult, sometimes church books are missing or were lost in a fire. Also children were sometimes listed with Father unknown. In case there are ancestors we just can't find, you will get a discount from the fixed price (see price list below). 

The initial search is always free of charge.

We want to make sure that there is a good chance we can find your Swedish ancestors, so after this first check we will get back to you and report our findings and what the chances are that the continuing research will be successful.

After the initial research:

At this point you will decide how far back you want to go in time, how many generations you would like to have us include in the research.

In-depth report

If you would like to know more about your family's history than just name, place and date, we also write reports with more in-depth information and details, so that you can get to know them better: siblings, line of work, places where they lived, life events like marriages and baptisms, godparents, cause of death, estate inventories at death, movement within Sweden, passenger records for crossing to America etc. Any interesting facts that we can find about your ancestors. It also includes information about the area of Sweden where they lived, as well as some historical context for Sweden at the time. 

This way you get to know your ancestors better but maybe you can also learn something about yourself. After all, we all are the result of choices made by our forefathers and mothers.

Price list

2nd generation (7 persons) = US$ 100

3rd generation (15 persons) = US$ 300

4th generation (31 persons) = US$ 650 

5th generation (63 persons) = US$ 1050

(For any person that cannot be found there will be a discount from the price)


Included: Family tree with dates and places of birth and death, as well as links and/or photos of the records found. 

The In-depth package: 

You can also choose the In-depth package, where you get to know more about Swedish history, culture and geography, focusing on the different times and places of your ancestors. This will give you a fuller story about your family and the Sweden they lived in, as well as information about Sweden today that can be of interest to you. This way you get to know your Swedish ancestors much more.

There is an additional rate for the In-depth package:

For 2nd and 3rd generation packages: US$ 200

For 4th and 5th generation packages: US$ 300

SFT - pricing.png

5th generation (63 persons) US$ 1050

For persons that we can't find you will get a discount from the fixed price. 

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